A Young Teen's Unforgettable Experience

            Great smiles from their faces, clapping their hands, dancing, shouting only His name – JESUS, in a big ground of love as I touch with them – my brothers and sisters in heaven; Then I finally realized that I’m one of them – a young teen; One of those who worship only one God and who adore one Father.
            Once, I thought that sending me by my father in a camp with youths will provide me nothing but a waste of time. All I wanted is to have fun, always play, and be with my friends always. I admit to myself that I’m a very naughty and stubborn son. My father used to say this to me, “Seek first the kingdom of God”. So, I obeyed him. I went to a youth camp for my own good.
            The camp was named ISBYF or Island Samal Baptist Youth Fellowship. It was held in Botanical Baptist Church, Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal. The place was quite awesome, peaceful, silent, full of trees – trees that seems talking to me, and most of all there was an old and very long hanging bridge. I found myself there peace and away from any harm.
            On the first day of camp, there are lots of youths.  We used to shake our hands and welcome each other. The faculties or the officers of this camp are very noble and responsible. There are also supportive Pastors who assist us. One of them is Pastor Jessie (my father), Pastor Requijo, and others. I told myself that, “I’m very wrong from the first place.”
            I found a lot of treasures in this camp; not gold or silver but a new family and friends. It couldn’t be compared from those playtimes I spent in playing computers and nonsense games.
            The officers in this fellowship are very responsible. One of them was Ate Dawn, Ate Liza, and Kuya Kelvin. I found a lot of friends also. They are Macario (the joker one), Arjane, Dzaia, Jezreel, and many more.
            As we woke up in the morning, we go to the camp site or the church for early devotions to be led by the host Pastor.  Then after it, there are precise people who wake up early just to prepare our breakfast. They cook very well. One of their specialties is “Bulad”, eggs, vegetables, and also “Adobo”. After we eat our breakfast, we used to go for our next activity. Some of this activity is PICTURE OUT. Someone will tell us a topic and we will picture it out but it tells more on the bible. There lot of activities that we used to play such as “How to improve the decorations in the church”, Amazing Race, and others. We were grouped in four groups and in each group, there are assigned leaders. I’m very lucky to be chosen as a leader for our team.
            When the sun sets and the moon arises, all of us will go to the campsite for an evening worship. The host pastor will give us message about God; about how great is our Father is. After that we will sing worship songs. I feel the aroma of God as we all sing:
            “All for love the Father gave ………… Everything I need is YOU, my beginning, my forever …..”
            The camp lasted for four days. In the third day, the president of the youths awarded the special awards such as camper of the year, the best team, and others. And in the third night, the faculties and pastors will choose the “Mr. and Ms. ISBYF” and I’m very lucky to be the first Mr. ISBYF since.
            The camp lasted for four days. In the third day, the president of the youths awarded the special awards such as camper
            After that night, we gather ourselves in the campsite and enjoyed our stay for it is the last day for being a youth camper. We felt very sad for we will see each other next summer but we also felt happy and blessed for the wisdom that we received and unforgettable moments we experienced. All of us packed our things and prepared to go home. Some of us cried. We hugged each other and say “See you next summer camp.”
            My experience was very unforgettable. The experience was quite cool and awesome – very cool than those things I used to enjoy with. I hope that this coming ISBYF Camp on May 22-26, 2012 in the same place will give us another joy, another experience, have a lot of friends and most of all, the learning from the bible that will help us youths encounter life and to know all about Jesus.

            Above all, it is not bad doing worldly things but it is worst doing nothing for our Lord Jesus Christ who died to save us who are very crowded in sins. Maybe, some youths can’t understand how important our spiritual growth is. By attending and joining Youth Fellowships or Youth Camps will give us importance touch with our Lord Jesus. The fun, the experience, and the treasures are right ahead of us. All we have to do is to feel and look for it. As the scripture says,
 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Mat 6:33

by: Salvar jezz