Youths Across Vacation

Unique ideas, different thoughts in a friendly group, excited youths as vacation approached and school year passed on; where different stories and prank periods that happens in every minute and time – a bad time for those foolish things but a good timing to spend a lot of time for our Lord Jesus Christ.

            In every corners of the year, there would be months for vacation – April and May. A lot of youths are enthusiast for it is time to forget their homework and spend time doing play works. A lot of them standby in their favorite places and their favorite playgrounds and do nothing all day long. I could remember the song Istambay by Enchi a BisRock song that tells a guy who is bystander person and plays music all day long.

            80% percent of the youths took and waste their time during vacation. Some of the youth standby on internet café and play internet games in the entire day. As one enters in these different internet cafés, they would hear the loudest and noisiest voices from those “ISTAMBAY” or the bystanders. Even though they do not play but still they are very noisy. One of the games those youths addicted in playing of is the game named DotA or Defence of the Ancients that is very popular in the entire Philippines.

            Other youths especially girls, spend their time chitchatting with their friends. Some of them went to the beach and play volleyball, Frisbee, or just having picnic. They spent a lot of time in these different activities. They talk about different topics. They talk about their friend and back-stab them which is a bad attitude.

            Some of the youths especially honor students, study hard for the next school year. They read books and review their past lesson. All the day they don’t do anything but study hard. Some of their friends call their weird because even though school days pass by they study like there would be an exam on the next day. 

            However, for those young Christians who loved and praised Jesus worked hard to help the congregation. Young Christians spent their time for Jesus and not for those different things that was usually done by the bystanders. Maybe they don’t standby at those places nevertheless they standby in the Church with their co-young people. They went to church every vacant time of their lives thanking for the blessings and wisdom that God gave to them. They thank for the talents and unique things that they had.

            During worship days they are all present. In prayer meeting during Wednesdays, they are also there asking favors to God and also acknowledge him not only the good things but also the bad things that they received in their lives. In Saturdays, they were present to organize the incoming Sunday worship for the next day. They lead the worship by using their talents in singing, playing guitar, playing drums, and playing piano. They prepare the church for the Sunday Worship in the next day. They arrange the chairs and the tables. They clean up the house of worship.

            Every day there are lots of things that youth nowadays wanted to do – things that gave them joy and thrill. As youth, I admit that I do things that make me happy. I play tennis every day. Tennis court was my favorite arena. Internet cafe was also my favorite hangout. Facebook is my favorite social networking site to connect with my friends. However, house of worship or church is my favorite site to connect with my fellow Christians. And most of all, I “LIKE” God and I “SHARE” his good news.

            Above all, there are lots of things that youths nowadays make their time busy. Vacation is a good time for playing, shopping and others but going to church and serving God is the best among those others. For those bystanders, why don’t standby inside the church and learn to pray and not always play. For those busy persons, one was busy doing nothing but was tired in serving God. They read nonsense books but they couldn’t just tell a bible verse. We as youths should start now especially these days of vacation – days that are free in serving only his gratefulness and holiness. If you in yourself had the gift, serve him and all will be given to you. Live, Praise, and Serve only in God’s Grace